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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steps Among Ghosts...

I pass this cemetery all the time. Always, I'm late on my way for somewhere, and on the way back, I'm too tired, the light is wrong, the kids are with me, etc. This time I stopped for an ever so brief few snaps. There was a funeral going on at the other end, such a small burial... I felt intrusive, even as far away as I was. However, I did manage to get these few that I love...

This image is haunting to me, not only because it's so sad but also because she seems to be staring right at you...



  1. I understand your can't-stop-and-get-pics-right-now pain...

    That said, these shots are beautiful; I particularly love the last one. Poignant.

    Good job (and yay for squeezing in a few minutes of photography!!).

    Between The Shots

  2. Thanks, Catherine ♥ ! It's almost like a physical thing with me, if I can't snap something I see that I really love. Heh.