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Monday, October 10, 2011


A little snap I took earlier this year, along with one of my poems.   It's funny how that chapter of my life seems like several hundred {thousand} lifetimes ago.    I am not that girl any more.   I remain unsure that this is a good thing, but am grateful that I emerged as more than just a shell of a person.   {I think.}  The oddest part of this non-story is that the villain wasn't a villain at all, but a hero, as it always has been from the beginning.    Which of course makes no sense.   But that's the rub, you see.  None of it made any sense.   Behind my lens, however, I found, as I always do, solace, and clarity.   I'm re-visiting this project to see if I can get it to the place I intended...

e r o s i o n

i've been sleeping through my waking moments {lately}...
waiting for something i can{not}
to stop;
it began so slowly, i hardly realized at first -
a drip,
faucet -
my composure -
my stomach -
tearing pieces of my {soul}
away -
i watch them float like butterfly wings;
my trust wavering;
{belief} quivering;
focus blurred...

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