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Monday, November 29, 2010

loving this photographer

Stumbled onto this amazing photographer via lost @ eminor ( a wonderful inspiration / creative fix site ):  Raissa Venables.   I love the way she pieces together various photos in some of her work, creating a surreal, modern alice in wonderland aesthetic...

lovely lomographic centered site

i may possibly have died and gone to heaven.  
i've long enjoyed lomographic photos, and this site is dedicated to them.  it's a whole community of lomographers.

here is a particularly beautiful photo i came across using the random photo link:
photo credit: domyblue

lillith loves photojojo always

i do. 
pretty much {everything} in there is on my wish list!  

this morning i read the article below and thought i would give the shape hack a try.   however, i don't have a 35mm on hand - i'll have to use paper and tape over my lens.  

Transform the Shape of Your Photos With a Film Mask 

Here is an example:

fPOE Artist Exposed Treasury is Live

the treasury looks great!   if they got more than 16 artists, they were going to rotate them out, so i guess i will be in it at some point when they rotate everyone.   i hope.   either way, it's still super cool that someone would feature artists in this way...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Treasury For VAST Team

the Vast Team is {so} inspiring.  i put together this treasury with some awesome, beautiful art!

lillith on FP!

velvet morning featured my dandelion photograph in a treasury which made the front page of etsy on november 17!   please check out her beautiful shop - stunningly gorgeous work!  also, holy cow!  i got on the FP! did i mention i was hysterically excited at the time?   she so rocks!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Artists Exposed fPoe on Etsy

I'm a member of Female Photographers of Etsy, and recently we were all given an opportunity to participate in a Treasury made by Vicki Diane as part of her Artists Exposed! series.  Which is so utterly cool and an amazing exposure opportunity!  It will start running in December, so be sure and search on Etsy for the series title to see the faces of various Fpoe photographers!

I always think it's {wonderful} when people give back, and go out of their way to mentor, teach, and generally help others.  So I'd just like to give a big shout out to Vicki Diane.  What you do is pretty awesome.  

You can check out Vicki's shop here:

♥ lillith

new listing: lost among stars

lost among stars,
{ in the middle of nowhere }
they found what they were always seeking -
each other..

♥ visit to purchase this print for the holidays! ♥

Thursday, November 11, 2010

the pieces in time that i am with you,
are the moments i can draw my breath -
everything else
is simply waiting...      everything
is unfriendly, transparent {glass}...  
looking through it always -
hoping for a glimpse of you...

Blog Feature

I'm excited that my "Dreaming of Laguna" photograph was featured in ginaphoto's blog here:

WOOOOO!  Thanks!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dreaming of Laguna - New Listing

She missed cramming her car into tiny little street parking in search of the perfect, quiet beach... descending 1,000 jungle-covered stone steps to the bottom, not knowing if this would be the One... But more than anything else, she found she missed most of all the crashing of the waves in their endless, repetitive chorus...

On the Turning Away - New Listing


Not knowing what else to do, she turned and walked away under her own power, unable to linger any longer in the purgatory of coldness and mistrust...

Print available in my etsy shop