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Friday, December 31, 2010

stunning product photography

a really stunning example of fantastic product photography.   (for some reason is not letting me post links properly.  thus the long url...)

product photography: hearts cake pops + u should 2!

something i want to put more work into this coming year is my product photography for my shop.   being as i sell artistic photographs, i've fallen into the trap of just slapping them up there, using a cool but "everyone has it" virtual frame to show my photo in a display.   in my mind, however, i'm a world away - i envision a beautiful thick, black frame, with some sort of tangible swirly-ness texture around the bulbous edges.  i envision myself buying the necessary tools to make them myself, offering a storyboard with different colors available... indulging my love of paint in this way while, as a bonus, i get to offer a completely ME experience.   turquoise, black, light aqua... these would be my favorite colors to offer.   {swoon...}
while browsing etsy, {i'm addicted, i admit it...} i love seeing amazing presentations from jewelers, candlemakers, and so forth.   it really makes a product i may not even need or generally use, such as fancy soap or bath crystals (which are loveyl!  i'm just bad at taking the time for me...)  morph into something i MUST HAVE.  right now.   because, if nothing else, it will look gorgeous in my bathroom next to X item i already have in the bathroom.  selling photography is devfinetly something people do not need, but would like to have, but maybe can't spare the cash for.   and so i think, it comes down to, trying to capture that MUST HAVE feeling. 
a great example off-etsy of product photography is Angie from Bakerella.  she is the lady behind the {Awesomeness} that is Cake Pops.  if you've never see nor tried a "cake pop" - you are mising out!  they are super-delicious.   and cute!  so cute, you will feel horrible for eating the cuteness!  only briefly.   {don't worry.}
ever analyzing things through the lens in my mind, i was initially drawn to these from an artistic standpoint - the photographs were stunningly gorgeous!  i soaked them up.  they made me want to make cake pops.   desperately.   had there been a cake pop store, i would have bought several.  i couldn't help myself.   don't worry, i didn't want to EAT all the cake pops.   i have some control.   i would give most of them away to my kids' friends.  (wah hah hah. these have sooo much sugar, it's almost evil to do so to unsuspecting parents...)
this was the post that started it all:  Don't Lick, Bite.   not only was the photo clear, with close in detail, the presentation was cool.   balls of cake on sticks!  an inside view!   a clever title.   and what are they standing up in?   this would be great for kid parties!   etc.   it provoked my thought process, is what i'm saying.  now, there are all kinds of embellished cake pops, as  you can see if you click around her blog.   even better super-cool-ness. 
so i guess this is a long-winded way of saying i want to provoke my customers' thought processes.    more effectively.  
PS - i'm thrilled to see she has written a cake pop book for the masses!!

collecting soul pieces

i've just snagged this { } amazing, amazing piece of art.   i never have any $ for such things, but, well, christmas was somewhat kind to me.   i'm setting most of it aside to take care of fending off the horrors of last year, but i'm allowing myself this one, happy thing.   ok a few other small, inexpensive happy things too.  but thats it, really, i'm setting it aside. 

one of my goals this year is to do what makes me feel alive.   more often.   as in "not so rarely" as it's always been.   something is wrong inside me, that i put msyelf so last (within reason of course!  {see how i have to qualify everything?   also working on that!} )

anyhow my heart soars when i find these little {huge!} things that speak to me.   so...  this is my unofficial new year's resolution.   enjoy life, live, breathe, and collect things that inspire and delight.  



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