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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Heart Mondo

I've just finished catching up on the finale. I have to say, I loved ALL the last designers. But Mondo was my favorite!! He had the most personality, and his quirky style was so fun to watch and reflect on inspiration-wise. I'm sad he didn't win!

Did you know he has a shop on etsy?? It's lovemondotrasho. Currently only Team Mondo t-shirts but still cool.

Lovely Saturday

It's a gorgeous Saturday here - hazy blue sky and not so cold that you don't want to go outside for fear of freezing in the crazy wind. I {should} be out shooting today. But the kids are all in a relaxed, let's-stay-at-home mood, and I'm sitting here messing with treasuries over yet more coffee and so forth. So I think, nothing is going to get done today really.

My daughter has devised a clever scheme to get me into the playroom when I'm focusing on something other than her - she will claim to need a drink, snack, etc, then take my hand and say, n'er mind, now we feed de dollies! Tricky. So I guess I am off to feed dollies...

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Messed Up Babies

Moments in which I was almost there, but not quite... I adore these photos even tho they are quite flawed. They were each taken during times of intense personal change and transition, and therefore represent so much more to me than what anyone else can see here...

{ Dissipation } - Too much shadow; I'd love to redo this shot with better lighting.   To me, the background cloud made it appear that her soul was wafting upward out of  her body...

{ Sweet Tarts } - The mirror of my Duaflex has stains on it, and sometimes, photoshopping them out just doesn't  look right to me.  Another one I would like to redo.  My lens had some smudges on it, and those turned out looking like scratchy brush strokes, which I like...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TLUT Team on Etsy

I've joined a great treasury making team on Etsy called Treasury Lovers Unofficial Team {otherwise known as TLUT}.   I love, love making treasuries, but what fun are they if no one sees them but the people I feature?   I'm excited to be in the group, and think it will be alot of fun!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some things I put together for fun this weekend...

{ underwater }
faux ttv texture credit: amy higgins

{heart bokeh castle}
bokeh texture credit: gloeckchen

What I Shot Today



remembering the stars

tonight my husband took the kids out on one of the trails to hike and look at the stars. late at night. they were thrilled, to say the least. i stayed here with the littlest, and thought of how cool it was for them to get this experience. as a child, i loved to go wandering around and find "secret places" to hang out and think. it probably drove my parents nuts. but i carry these memories with me still, as they will when they are older. i am reminded as well of when we first met, how we went out into the country and just stared at the stars, enjoying the quiet of the world and just being together. nice memories...

7 inspiring suggestions

Should your interest be piqued, you can find the entire article about this here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Etsy Holiday Boot Camp

I joined up with the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp recently and can't say enough about how much I'm enjoying it so far. It's getting me to focus on elements I have been neglecting, and I'm learning so much - not only about myself and the scope of my journey into following my dream, but also about better business skills. I'm meeting people too, and that is so nice as I can be quite shy in reaching out to others around Etsy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

it's the little things

the littlest things that take me there
i know it sounds lame but it's so true
i know it's not right but it seems unfair
the things reminding me of you

sometimes i wish we could just pretend
even if only for one weekend
so come on tell me
is this the end?

lily allen - little things

far from home

my camera misses me. it sits there, staring at me with its one closed eye, silently accusatory. i can almost hear it whispering... "why aren't your hands on me? don't you long for the world you see through my lens?"

i miss it, capturing light through glass. i miss the magic, the perspective, the this-fills-me feeling i get when i am focused on snapping. sometimes, you just go through so much that instead of throwing yourself into things you love, you fade out of them for a time. i feel like i've almost forgotten how to see... how to bend this tool to my will...