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Friday, December 31, 2010

collecting soul pieces

i've just snagged this { } amazing, amazing piece of art.   i never have any $ for such things, but, well, christmas was somewhat kind to me.   i'm setting most of it aside to take care of fending off the horrors of last year, but i'm allowing myself this one, happy thing.   ok a few other small, inexpensive happy things too.  but thats it, really, i'm setting it aside. 

one of my goals this year is to do what makes me feel alive.   more often.   as in "not so rarely" as it's always been.   something is wrong inside me, that i put msyelf so last (within reason of course!  {see how i have to qualify everything?   also working on that!} )

anyhow my heart soars when i find these little {huge!} things that speak to me.   so...  this is my unofficial new year's resolution.   enjoy life, live, breathe, and collect things that inspire and delight.  



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