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Saturday, October 23, 2010

remembering the stars

tonight my husband took the kids out on one of the trails to hike and look at the stars. late at night. they were thrilled, to say the least. i stayed here with the littlest, and thought of how cool it was for them to get this experience. as a child, i loved to go wandering around and find "secret places" to hang out and think. it probably drove my parents nuts. but i carry these memories with me still, as they will when they are older. i am reminded as well of when we first met, how we went out into the country and just stared at the stars, enjoying the quiet of the world and just being together. nice memories...

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  1. It's hard to see the stars in the city. It's a good time of year to see them because of the cold air. It makes everything clearer. Hope you're well.